About Us

Migsa Investments: Pioneers in Marine Engineering and Construction in the Maldives

Welcome to Migsa Investments, your trusted partner in marine engineering, logistics, and construction in the Maldives. As one of the leading Maldives construction companies, we offer a unique blend of skills, innovation, and experience.

Who We Are

Born from a passionate vision, Migsa Investments has grown from a humble marine contracting firm to an industry leader. We’ve become a cornerstone among Maldives construction companies, recognized for our commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability.

What We Do

At Migsa, we’re more than just a Maldives logistics company. We traverse the landscape of innovation, providing exceptional services in boat building, repair, and shipyard facilities. We have made our mark in Maldives barge building, crafting finely designed vessels tailored to both in-house specifications and custom requirements.



Our expertise extends beyond the sea’s edge. As a leading Maldives logistics company, we offer earthmoving vehicle rentals and project construction services. With our integrated approach, we ensure that your projects, whether on land or sea, sail smoothly from inception to completion.

Our marine construction services are designed to withstand the test of time and tide, delivering durable structures that blend with the beauty and resilience of the Maldivian seascape.

Our Promise

At Migsa Investments, we don’t just build boats or construct projects, we craft experiences and foster enduring relationships. We stand out among Maldives construction companies by turning dreams into reality, and ensuring every step of your journey with us is memorable.

Dive In With Migsa

We invite you to explore the many ways Migsa Investments can make a difference in your projects and ventures. As a prominent provider of Maldives shipyard services, we are here to guide you towards success. Reach out to us today and let’s chart the course together.

Welcome to Migsa Investments, where dreams meet the sea.



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